Why Is My Account Saying I’m Un-enrolled?

Hi All,


If you’re modules are saying that you are Un-Enrolled, do not worry.

Please remember, I did say early on that markers would be lost when we changed to the new format so do remember where you left off.

There was also a follow up reminder in the blog below:


Is Our New Site Working Well For You?


But not to worry.  🙂


All you need to do is:

Click on VIEW MODULE (or the image itself)

Then click on TAKE THIS COURSE

You will then be able to once again view all lessons and even retake the quizzes (should you wish to improve upon your previous scores and also time be timed!).


Again I remind everyone, use this as the PERFECT opportunity to revisit the earlier sessions and see if your gained experience makes you look at these classes with a different attitude.


Many thanks,



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