Is Our New Site Working Well For You?


Hi Everyone,


I’m very happy that you’re enjoying the new site but just in case anyone is having issues, here are a couple of reminders for you:




I did say that people would lose lesson markers, so if you are unable to access ‘your’ account you will need to once again click on the Enrol button.


This will allow you to freely flow through the system as was initially intended, and with the ability to simply move to the NEXT lesson or PREVIOUS lessons with a single click on the arrow button at the bottom.


Personally I find this the PERFECT opportunity to retake my earlier classes and see if I am now viewing them with a different approach / opinion.




If anyone is being redirected to the old site or being told that you need to upgrade, try clearing your CACHE as your computer may be trying to follow back automatically to the old address and set up.


Thank you

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