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Wing Chun Online is your direct route to learning the dynamic art of Wing Chun Kung Fu quickly and safely from the comfort of your own screen.

  • Curious About Wing Chun
    $1per Month
    • Complete our step by step Beginner Course
    • Access the entire First Module of more than 50 Videos
    • View Taster Videos from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
    • Videos Added Monthly
  • Serious About Training
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    • Learn the entire Ip Man Wing Chun System, from beginner to instructor
    • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels with a quiz at the end of each stage
    • Includes full tuition of Wooden Dummy, Knife, Pole and Hand Forms (Equipment not included)
    • Over 500 HD videos
    • Full Forum Access, with Questions answered by Qualified Instructors
    • Facebook Group Access
    • Shop Access
    • Certified Video Assessments available, with full Grading Syllabus on display
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  • Serious About Training
    • Includes everything from the Serious About Training Monthly package plus...
    • You Save Two Months Training Fees
    • Full Access for One Year (Billed Annually)
  • Very Serious About Training
    Limited Availability
    $30per Month
    • Includes everything from the Serious About Training package, plus...
    • All Certified Video Assessments included, with full Grading Syllabus on display (Usually $40 - $80 each) *
    • Direct Q and A with Sifu Ward *
    • Monthly video uplinks with personal comments on your development *
    • Class teaching/training sheets provided *
    • Teacher training and support *
    • Over 550 HD videos *
    • Cancel Anytime

From Beginner to Advanced

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses with forms, drills and techniques explained in detail.

Video Assessments

Upload area where our instructors will review your videos and give you detailed feedback and gradings.

Active Forum

We have a team of instructors who are waiting to answer any questions or address any grey areas.

  • My name is Joey Johnson I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been doing Wing Chun for around a decade. However after a solid review of your site I have decided to start over with your system, all the way from beginner. I believe by doing this my Wing Chun knowledge and skill will reach higher levels than possible before. I really like the way you teach and the detail that is provided. So just wanted to say thanks for all the great info!

    Joey Johnson Denver, Colorado USA
  • “For me Wing Chun is an approach, a simple philosophy of fighting, which uses a few basic principles and applies them in complex situations, allowing you to react in the correct way in a stressful combat situation. This can be then practiced in a safe environment with your extended student family.

    I am now living in Switzerland and running my own small school of dedicated students in order to have some arms to train with, and I have found the training videos an invaluable resource of training material. The online drills and lectures can be given to students to watch, be given as particular exercise to study at home, and then when next in class this can be taken further by the teacher! I highly recommend the online study resource material to students irrespective of level.”

    David Young Zürich, Switzerland
  • “I had been searching for the right type of martial art for a while when I learnt about Wing Chun Kung Fu; unfortunately it was difficult to find a reputable Sifu within traveling distance. But thanks to Wing Chun Online I am able to get tuition on demand; I can even rewind Sifu when needed!

    Wing Chun is an art rather than a sport and not only it keeps you fit; but it teaches you to relax so as to be more efficient physically as well as mentally. So now you can learn Wing Chun under the very Grandmaster Ip Chun’s lineage wherever you live.”

    Cedric Achure Vierzon, France
  • So far I am enjoying the process and have never gone away from a session at which all my questions were not answered. I am excited to get home and work on more progression.

    Lester Fichtner Texas, USA
  • “I started training in martial arts as a child and like a lot of people, I took Karate and Taekwondo but as I got older I didn’t feel that these were right for me. When I looked into Chinese Kung Fu I discovered Wing Chun and it changed my life from the moment I saw it. Something about it resonated with me and I have never looked back since. I have been a student of Wing Chun for nearly 11 years now and I think the reason I have stuck with it for so long is because it is not just a Martial Art, but a metaphor for life. I found from the first day I started training that Wing Chun’s fighting philosophy can actually be applied to everyday life.

    If you want to learn an effective and complete Martial Art system or are simply interested in getting yourself healthy and boosting your self confidence, you can find it in Wing Chun.”

    Nigel McLeish Winnepeg, Canada
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