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Although videos may be uploaded early, assessments will not be viewed before the date shown.  We will begin sending results back, two weeks after the countdown has ended.

Grading Levels & Prices

To attain the highest level possible and to show a full understanding of the entire Wing Chun system, all grades must be taken and passed and in order.  Only grading at Biu Gee level and then teaching is not an option.

Video Assessment Upload

Please download the Grading Syllabus relevant to the assessment above and ensure that you are aware of what you should include in your video before uploading it.

Please follow our video upload rules to ensure that we are able to assess you correctly:

1. Ensure that you have good lighting.
2. Wear appropriate clothing (e.g. t-shirt, tracksuit trousers and trainers).
3. Only cover ONE grading per video.  Each level must be uploaded in a separate video.
4. We will only assess what is covered in the grading syllabus.
5. Ensure that the video is of a high enough quality that we can clearly see your techniques.
6. If using the buddy system and training with a partner, each person who wishes to be assessed must upload their own video. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video so we know who is being assessed. Repeat the video if your partner also wishes to be assessed, and they will need to upload it themselves.
7. Please do not upload any illegal, immoral or abusive content.

Submit video either by using the upload field or by submitting a link from a cloud platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Hightail etc

Grading Scores

Each technique will be scored in such a way as to enable you to see what your strengths are and what needs working on in the future. Scores are as follows:


Very Good



Very Poor

Scores including 3 x Very Poor (5) or 4 x Poor (4) , or a combination of 6 or more Very Poor (5) or Poor (4) will constitute a fail

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