Puzzling Isn’t It?

There’s no rush   This morning after getting my kids out of bed, dressed, teeth and hair done, fed and occupied with some work, I then managed to get a few minutes to myself where a [...]

Boring Is Good

Why stand out?   This morning, I woke up, made myself a cup of coffee and after which I had a shower, a shower I might add, which was nothing special, which in fact made it an awesome [...]

The Finish Line

Ignore this!   For me, one of the most important elements of Wing Chun, self-defence, self preservation, self awareness, and even self well-being, is in training the ability to:   Stay [...]

We Have A Winner!

  Well done! (You certainly have been)   Congratulations to our winner, Dr. Ivor Loosebowel, who successfully gained 1st prize in our April Fool giveaway.   If you missed your [...]

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