Freeflow Dan Chi Sau?

A simple exercise I created this week in order to develop awareness of absorbing energy in, as well as following the opponents arms out.   This gives an added dimension to Chi Sau and [...]

Enjoy The Journey

  ‘Enjoy the journey’ is like saying, ‘Stay in the moment’, something I say a lot about Chi Sau.   Don’t just try to get the super fast killer technique, but instead enjoy the exchange. [...]

What Is A Life?

  This morning I attended the funeral of an old friend and by old I do not mean his age, in fact he was younger than me.   It was a wonderful service with the huge church being packed, [...]

As Well As, Not Instead Of

  If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a break from your work this Easter weekend (and possibly fill your face with chocolate), then you’ve probably also been in the position to spend a [...]

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