Age Is Just A Number

  Still got that twinkle in his eyes   I woke up this morning feeling achy and tired, and I must admit it did take me a while to get up.   Basically, I felt old, which is an odd [...]

The Good And The Bad

  With the good can come the bad   Reading through some of our very old blogs, I thought this one worth sharing again, as to be honest it did make me giggle.  🙂   I once wrote a [...]

Ride The Storm

  Do not worry   I suppose today’s blog is mainly aimed towards those who are teaching or those who one day wish to teach.   The message behind this blog is that there will [...]

The Driving Force

  Driving force, get it?   In the past I have shared a thought I hold in that; ‘Wing Chun IS Chi Sau and Chi Sau IS Wing Chun’   In fact to many people their Wing Chun has become a [...]

A Reminder Of Old Bob

  Chisel time   At the end of tonight’s livestream class there was a comment from one of our Instructors regarding my methods of turning the deepest elements of Form work, and [...]

It’s Perfect!

  You can’t get better than perfect?   This may seem like an obvious statement and yet it is something that people try to do on a daily basis, usually without knowing it.   Wing [...]

Train To Switch It Off!

  Remember to switch it Off!   The main purpose for training Siu Lim Tau is the development of energy, or to be more precise, two types of energy, elbow energy in the first section, [...]

Bite Sized Wing Chun

  Do things sometimes appear a little too much? They do not need to be.   During the various lockdowns, like many, I decided to take onboard some new challenges, and when starting any [...]

Be Thankful… Today

  Happy times with my brother Paul   I don’t usually write heartfelt blogs but today I decided I would like to share my thoughts.   The 25th of May is the anniversary of my [...]

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