It’s Just A Cigar

  ‘Is it a good idea to ask questions?’ Obvious answer, YES!   I have addressed this topic in blogs in the past, but I wanted to address this issue again as it is such and important [...]

Give 100%

  Nothing is THAT easy   Yesterday I had my first escape into the free world and had a taste of how things used to be, by going for a game of golf . I had not played in years anyway so [...]


  SO busy   A strange thing happen in my village last night, around 22.25 I was watching a little TV before bed when I heard an airplane flying overhead, nothing wrong there, but after [...]

Do It Right

  One step at a time   On Saturday 16th May I wrote a blog regarding your Forms and which one is the most important, with the answer being, ‘Whichever one you are working on at that [...]

Time For School

      Which Form is best?   I’ve just had a wonderful play through Siu Lim Tau and thoroughly enjoyed being in the moment with it, and as soon as it ended I was reminded of [...]

Onwards And Upwards

  Always improving   Hi Everyone,   I just wanted to give a quick update on where we are with training programs and the progression of   We have been spending [...]

As Time Goes By

  Thinking of others during this time   It is a strange thing that with all the concern of ‘Lockdown’ and thinking of others, I completely forgot that over the weekend that just passed, [...]

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