Tops Off!

Topless please!   I recently went into a supermarket wanting a can of coke and was directed to the quick snack sale area where there were only plastic bottles.   I returned to the help [...]

Raise A Glass

What’s your tipple?   I would like to start this piece by apologising for the lack of blogs this month, the truth is that after the passing of my Wing Chun Uncle, Master Ip Ching, I [...]

Ip Ching R.I.P.

  Ip Ching 7th July 1936 – 26th Jan 2020   This morning I woke to the terrible news of the passing of my Si-Suk (your teachers younger Kung Fu brother (or in this case, actual younger [...]

Small Bites

  Do things sometimes appear a little too much?   My wife and I managed to buy a house in October and I have been gradually getting the necessary work done, preparing it for our big [...]

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year!   This has been another wonderful year, as always filled with its ups and downs of course but on the plus side, I still have my school, I am still able to teach and [...]

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