Skill Or Force?

  A topic which is a particular favourite of mine   I always tell my students, ‘Never sacrifice technique for speed and power’, technique is key, and unless perfected all you will do is [...]

Happy New Year!!!

  Happy New Year!   Ahead of the main celebrations taking place tomorrow, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a, Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year 2021!   This year [...]

Talking Of Stances

  Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar?   As a beginner of Wing Chun it is most likely that the first thing you were taught was the bow, followed by your basic stance; ‘Yee Gee Kim Yuen Mar’   Now [...]

Happy Birthday To Us!

  Thirty years old, YEAH!   Today marks the start of a very special month for me, as my school, the Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (and home to WingChun.Online), based in Leeds [...]

‘Play’ Your Forms

  Have fun   The other day I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my students as we discussed Forms, not the importance of perfecting them, but the importance of enjoying them. [...]

R.I.P. Uncle

  Ip Ching, a great man   Yesterday was a fairly normal day, until that is, I was reminded it was the anniversary of the passing of Master Ip Ching, younger brother to my Sifu, Ip Chun. [...]

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