Let’s Be Nice

  You know who you are…  🙂   Personally, I was very late in joining social media and was always very cynical of those who seem to never eat a meal without first photographing it [...]

Such A Popular Question

  Why?   I was presented with this question during one of this weeks WingChun.Online livestream classes, after a student mentioned that he had been watching Siu Lim Tau on YouTube and [...]

Straights and Scoops

Not always black and white   We need to be aware, that what we train in class is not always what happens in the street, think of class work being how we train this as extremes.   [...]

How do ‘YOU’ train?

  How will we train today then?   As the great philosophers Fun Boy Three and Bananarama once said back in 1982, “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets [...]

Crossing Styles?

  The blueprints of Wing Chun (Photo by Sergey Zolkin)   In answer to a question in our forum, regarding “Cross training styles”, I took the opportunity in class to discuss [...]

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