10,000 Hours

  10,000 Hours?   There is a train of thought that says, that if you want to master something it takes ten thousand hours of practice, maybe that’s true, provided it’s ten thousand [...]

Shower Time

      This morning was nothing special, apart from after waking up to a lovely breakfast prepared by the wonderful friends I stayed with last night.   After which I popped [...]

Wing Chun – Reduced

    It is the easiest thing to add on to a style, to try to give it your take, or your twist, but often in doing so we lose out. We lose out because we begin trying to fix what is not [...]

BOOM! (Revisited)

    The simple return to this post is because of its importance, as was brought to my attention recently after a discussion with a student.   Question: ‘What is the secret to [...]

Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day   Tomorrow in the UK it is Fathers Day, a day my mother never approved of as she said it was just made up by the card companies, unlike ‘Mothering Sunday’, [...]

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