Why Such Hatred?

  Why Such Hatred?   The reason I fell in love with Wing Chun over 35 years ago was because of its beauty and elegance, such a magical art form, offering so much by way of its skill [...]

What’s In A Name?

  Is it important to call your teacher Sifu?   Well this depends on several factors, first of all is this requirement forced or offered willingly.   It IS worth noting at this [...]

The 8 Ball Of Wing Chun

  The 8 Ball Of Wing Chun   It’s a very easy thing for a student to miss a class or two, and, provided they get back to class fairly soon, no harm done. But, When this continues and the [...]

Moving Around Centre

  Where is your target?   Although I have approached this before, it is always worth readdressing and clarifying in order to keep the understanding of where we should focus when [...]

Kicking In Wing Chun

  Kicks   There are many different ways to kick, here is a simple video explaining a Wing Chun approach to: The Stopping Kick.   I hope you get something from it.   Thank you. [...]

Wing Chun Snooker

Yesterday I watched the final of the Snooker World Championship, seeing Judd Trump beat John Higgins 18 – 9, and as often happens when watching snooker I kept seeing comparisons with Wing Chun. [...]

The Colour of Siu Lim Tau

In the past I have often stated that, ‘Everything in the Wing Chun system is in Siu Lim Tau, (provided you know where to find it)’ I usually like to use the alphabet analogy to explain this, [...]

Doomed From The Start

It is the easiest thing to drill a technique, focusing on every move throughout the sequence, but even with the greatest of will, have it made impractical before you even start to train it. [...]

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