Off The Grid

  I think this works as a grid?   Hi Everyone,   For the next two weeks I will be spending some time with my family in the Isle of Harris with very little contact or signal with [...]

How Time Flies

  It’s never too late   Starting anything, whether it’s a new hobby, a new job, a new career, a martial art or even a new direction in the style you’re already training already [...]

Keep Going Back

  Never neglect basics   In this blog I found myself for a moment not knowing where to start, and then it hit me, obviously, at the beginning, and the interesting thing about this is [...]

Meet Me Half Way

  50 / 50 Half and Half   In a previous blog I referred to a comment Sifu Ip Chun once made to me, saying: “Fifty percent of your Wing Chun comes from me and then other fifty percent [...]

Happy Birthday Sifu!

Happy Birthday Grandmaster Ip Chun!!!   My Dear Sifu,   May I start by thanking you for all the fun times you have shared with me, as well as sharing your wealth of knowledge and [...]

No Stopping

  But if you have to stop, DO get back into it as soon as possible   When it comes to training we all know that you should train and train, and that progress comes with continued [...]

Show Me Your Papers!

    No. Not like that!   It’s the strangest thing that people always want to see proof of your abilities through paperwork.   Of course it is such a nice feeling to gain a [...]

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