Goodbye Harris

  The last and the best Siu Lim Tau, EVER!   This (last ‘holiday’ Form) was recorded at the end of last week and was meant to be posted yesterday, but, as I had to pack the [...]

Turning On Toes?

  Turn on your toes? NEVER!   But then again, never say never, perhaps there may be the rare occasion when it’s possibly ok?   We’ve all seen bizarre things on the [...]

Train To Switch Off

  To punch or to push?   I recently viewed some demonstrations on YouTube of what is known in Hong Kong as ‘Inch power’, although most commonly known as the ‘One Inch Punch’, [...]

Taking A Break

  Recharging my batteries   Hi All,   Just to let you know that for two weeks (from Friday just gone) myself and my family will be on holiday in Scotland, on the beautiful Isle of [...]

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