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The entire Wing Chun system, in just one-year!  One-on-one.

Joint training also available at HALF PRICE! 

(Next course starting in July 2024, entrance subject to acceptance).

Wing Chun Online is your direct route to learning the dynamic art of Wing Chun Kung Fu quickly and safely from the comfort of your own screen – wherever that may be. Membership includes instant access to over 500 tutorial videos + instructors to answer your Wing Chun questions in our forum



From Beginner to Advanced

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses with forms, drills and techniques explained in detail.

Video Assessments

Upload area where our instructors will review your videos and give you detailed feedback and gradings.

Active Forum

We have a team of instructors who are waiting to answer any questions or address any grey areas.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile friendly site so your training doesn’t need to be interrupted when you’re away from home.

Choose Your Membership

All our memberships are free from contracts and can be cancelled anytime.

Curious About Wing Chun


per month

  • A full breakdown of ‘What is Wing Chun?’
  • An insight of what’s to come
  • Complete Module 1 of our Beginner Course
  • Access to over 50 videos
  • 8 stage self-defence lessons

Serious About Training


per month

  • Learn the entire Ip Man Wing Chun System
  • Forum Access, and Q&A with qualified Instructors
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Shop access
  • Grading syllabus & certified video assessments
  • Weekly live-stream class with Sifu Ward
  • Access to our Video Q&A library
  • Certificate of completion after each module

Very Serious About Training


per month

  • Includes everything from the Serious About Training package, PLUS…
  • Direct weekly feedback on your personal training videos
  • Includes all grading video assessment fees saving you $300
  • Direct Q&A with Sifu Ward
  • TWO weekly live-stream classes with Sifu Ward
ip chun

Wing Chun Online is a great idea, as it promotes Wing Chun across the world. It has my endorsement and my blessing.

Grandmaster Ip Chun

Wing Chun Explained

  • My name is Joey Johnson I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been doing Wing Chun for around a decade. However after a solid review of your site I have decided to start over with your system, all the way from beginner. I believe by doing this my Wing Chun knowledge and skill will reach higher levels than possible before. I really like the way you teach and the detail that is provided. So just wanted to say thanks for all the great info!

    Joey Johnson Denver, Colorado USA
  • “For me Wing Chun is an approach, a simple philosophy of fighting, which uses a few basic principles and applies them in complex situations, allowing you to react in the correct way in a stressful combat situation. This can be then practiced in a safe environment with your extended student family.

    I am now living in Switzerland and running my own small school of dedicated students in order to have some arms to train with, and I have found the training videos an invaluable resource of training material. The online drills and lectures can be given to students to watch, be given as particular exercise to study at home, and then when next in class this can be taken further by the teacher! I highly recommend the online study resource material to students irrespective of level.”

    David Young Zürich, Switzerland
  • “I had been searching for the right type of martial art for a while when I learnt about Wing Chun Kung Fu; unfortunately it was difficult to find a reputable Sifu within traveling distance. But thanks to Wing Chun Online I am able to get tuition on demand; I can even rewind Sifu when needed!

    Wing Chun is an art rather than a sport and not only it keeps you fit; but it teaches you to relax so as to be more efficient physically as well as mentally. So now you can learn Wing Chun under the very Grandmaster Ip Chun’s lineage wherever you live.”

    Cedric Achure Vierzon, France
  • So far I am enjoying the process and have never gone away from a session at which all my questions were not answered. I am excited to get home and work on more progression.

    Lester Fichtner Texas, USA
  • “I started training in martial arts as a child and like a lot of people, I took Karate and Taekwondo but as I got older I didn’t feel that these were right for me. When I looked into Chinese Kung Fu I discovered Wing Chun and it changed my life from the moment I saw it. Something about it resonated with me and I have never looked back since. I have been a student of Wing Chun for nearly 11 years now and I think the reason I have stuck with it for so long is because it is not just a Martial Art, but a metaphor for life. I found from the first day I started training that Wing Chun’s fighting philosophy can actually be applied to everyday life.

    If you want to learn an effective and complete Martial Art system or are simply interested in getting yourself healthy and boosting your self confidence, you can find it in Wing Chun.”

    Nigel McLeish Winnepeg, Canada

 I am very happy to study Wing Chun online with you. Thank you so much for accepting me as your student and giving me this valuable gift. Congratulations on the innovation of the site, it is very good. I pray to God for his success, that he may grow and multiply every day. Always count on my humble help in divulging this work here in Brazil. Stay with God and a strong hug.

  • Congratulations on a well prepared course, I am enjoying learning a new style from scratch, thank you.

    Richard Drew Surrey, UK
  • The whole course is wonderful. I am more than 27 years in the Wing Chun Kung Fu. Really cool shown and explained exactly. Best regards

    GM B.Dolny USA
  • I want to thank you for the wonderful instruction by the patient and detailed Sifu. I so appreciate this online school learning to compliment the learning I am doing on site in Canada as a beginner.

    Steffi Black Canada
  • I have read of Sifu Colin Ward’s teaching videos on websites and it is great to see that online training is possible so really keen to take up these online courses.

    Darren Chang Sydney, Australia.
  • Regarding finding a teacher, I feel like I'm already at the top (with your videos), no place to go from here.

    Jerry Rubin Pennsylvania USA
  • I appreciate the online lessons because they are personable. I don’t know if this makes sense, but the feel I get from this direction brings a good, positive energy. Sounds Cliché but it’s already changing my life. I don’t understand how but I don’t care, I want more. I get a different feel of energy from other places, and don’t feel comfortable because it conflicts with something inside me.

    Brian W Kentucky, USA

Still Not Sure About Wing Chun?

Can I Actually Learn From Videos?

The simple answer is yes of course you can learn from videos, because of the way we teach you, step by step and with a team of trained instructors waiting to help.
This site is designed to teach you the whole Wing Chun system, from beginner to advanced (with new videos being added all the time).

Do I Need A Partner?

Before you can partner, you need to know what you are doing yourself, how to stand, how to punch, what the blocking positions are and so on, most of this you will need to do solo, before you even consider looking for partners (that way you may feel more confident with what you are doing).

If a person can join a school then great, as wingchun.online will help you to better understand what is being taught. However if you have no school to attend, then why not create your own training group?

This would just be like-minded people training together, allowing ME to be your guide and teacher, with you being the Group Leader – calling for partner changes, arranging the next meeting and deciding on what videos to watch and study before the next session.


Just going for it and starting your own training group can be the perfect solution.
This can be done by searching for people on a wider scale: putting a post on Facebook, printing the poster template we supply and displaying it at local gyms, stores or university campuses.
Essentially just asking if anyone is interested in studying Wing Chun along with you.

It may start very small, but it could turn out to be something wonderful.

Training Group Poster

How Long Does It Take To Learn?

Wing Chun is designed to work in harmony with your natural body reactions and mechanics, and therefore you can become quite proficient in just a few months, or maybe faster depending on the individual.

With a team of instructors & decades of experience behind the scenes, all waiting to support you, there is no limit to your development. The only person holding you back would be you.

Can I Be Graded Or Assessed?


Assessments will be done via a video recording, made by you and then uploaded to a private area within the site.

Myself and another instructor then watch this while making notes, giving comments and giving scores.

The results of this test are then sent back to you, with either detailed written notes on the areas you need to work on and improve, should you fail, or a copy of our general notes, future training tips, and your certification should you pass.

Assessment requirements, details on how to download your videos, when assessments are to be viewed, and much more, can be found on the Member pages of this site.

Simply login as a ‘Full Member’ and go to ‘My Account’ to see the full menu.

It’s worth remembering that any certification is often only ever recognized by those who initially issued it, however, because assessments will be done by Sifu Ward, worldwide representative to Grandmaster Ip Chun (Ip Man’s eldest son) this will mean that such a qualification will not only be recognized by our affiliated associations but in also Hong Kong, therefore carrying further recognition than most.

How often should I practice, and how much time should be spent on each module?

I believe we all know the obvious answer to that one, so I won’t say it.

Although for guidance purposes, maybe try to cover one new lesson each day if that suits you and then just drill it, over and over again until you feel you’ve nailed it.

At some point you will need to hold back a little on reaching for the new stuff and drill the classes you’ve studied so far.

Remember, when viewing new lessons, they should be taken ‘As well as’ and not ‘Instead of’, therefore each new piece of information, each new technique or skill, unless given time to physically and mentally digest, from previous training will simply not gel.

This is training, this is drilling, this is your right of passage and the thing makes the difference between them and us.

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