You’re Always In Danger, When You’re In Transit! (Part 2 of 2)


Take responsibility for your own actions


In Part 1 of this post, I showed you how to make a technique work for you by getting your opponent to walk on to your attack, and in turn, making you aware of similar dangers when deciding to step forward yourself.


If you enjoyed Part 1, you may be forgiven for thinking that this idea is incredible, and that there is no defence for such an attack, but of course that would simply be ridiculous, as there is always an answer to a problem, the main one being, understanding how to avoid such a problem in the first place.


It is so easy to say that a person got the better of you in Chi Sau because they are very good and have lots of experience, well this may well be true, however, they did not get their attacks in because they were good, they got their attacks in because you were bad.


This would be like me playing a game of snooker with Ronnie O’Sullivan and complaining because he beat me.

Yes he is incredible and yes he cleared the table with a century break, BUT, I also had the chance to make that break, the difference being that I missed a pot and let him back on the table, so again, yes he is good, but he won because I was bad.


‘Take responsibility for your own actions’


Some years ago I gave a series of seminars, which I called:

‘If you want to improve,

Stop making mistakes’


It is just this kind of thinking that we need to be training solo, NOT waiting only until we are at class, your class training is only a small part of your development, this was one of the main reasons I created WingChun.Online, to try to give you these goals, and with a clear understanding of what, and why, we do the things we do, no matter what your lineage.


So try to keep open minded and learn from everyone, and then train it correctly.


Practice does not make perfect, it only makes permanent.

It is only perfect practice that makes perfect



In the first class clip (In Part 1), I showed how stepping can assist you when against even the best defenders, in this second clip I would like to give tips on how to not have these principles used against you


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