WingChun.Online ‘Virtual’ Sparring Explained


Online Wing Chun sparring?


I am quite sure that there will be many people out there immediately jumping out of their seats at the very thought of this titled post, ‘Virtual’ Sparring, thinking that this is an impossibility if not laughable, but please stay with us and try to understand the thinking behind it.


I would also like to remind you that the majority of people who train online, do so because they do not have a school conveniently on their doorstep, and as for the rest of them, well, while they may have the luxury of a class, there is nothing wrong with additionally wanting to further expand your knowledge, have a better understanding what you are training at your school, or, simply want to progress through the advancing Forms etc without being held back by Instructor timetables.


Before we get started on the explanation, let me say that I am not saying that Virtual sparring is better than real sparring, or that this should be used instead of face-to-face training, what I am saying however, is that virtual sparring can be a very successful tool, either training SOLO, at or as an accompaniment, alongside your class training, or even for those simply wishing to gain personal confidence in this field.


The video you are about to watch was only shared because I felt that, at that point in the class, I stumbled across an explanation worth sharing, even though it is a touch rough, it is honest and without yet being polished (this is the honesty and openness behind the teaching at


Please excuse any rambling, as I said, this video was not meant for public viewing.


Again than, in this clip taken from a livestream class, I explain how virtual sparring works AND, how you can train to defend yourself, either training SOLO, at or as an accompaniment, alongside your class training.



Thank you for watching and for keeping open-minded.


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