Wing Chun’s ‘Back’ Foot



Is it Biu Mar or Chuen Mar?


Chuen Mar is an advanced technique, but does it need to be?


You may not know this but the way that Ip Man used to teach Cheun Mar, was that a student would be required to learn Siu Lim Tau first, following this training for one full year!

Then the second year of their training would be spent studying the Chum Kiu (and everything connected with it).


Only after two years would you then be considered ready to learn Cheun Mar


In 1969 that Ip Man decide to change this approach by, still teaching the Siu Lim Tau for one year but then teaching the Turning Punch, and to use the second year of Chum Kiu studies as a way of perfecting this technique and therefore, this stance.

So, when I was a kid, people were still training for two years before even having the chance to learn it, not centuries ago, in my lifetime.


Using my method of teaching (through, I make this easier for students to learn, simplifying the process to deeper understand.


Now, to the video:

In this beginner class, we had only just covered Lap Sau Exercise and had discussed a little of the turning stance.


In this session however, we were defending a strike using a Tan/Punch (remember this was still a beginner class) therefore this time I took the opportunity to focus on the back foot, and in particular, the back knee.


This video would be best viewed on a larger screen and with full volume.

I hope you find something of interest.

Thank you for watching.


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