Wing Chun For A Lifetime


This morning my in-laws saw the return of a family member from Australia and after all the celebration and commotion died down I observed that very soon things were back to normal, almost as if she had never been away.


The same thing occurs when old friends meet up after a long break, within moments any years & distance that may have been, are gone, and the two are straight back to the way things were.


The same can be said for Wing Chun and especially your Chi Sau.

After taking a break from training and then coming back to it, you find it’s still there, you’ve still got it, you’ll never forget it, a bit like riding a bicycle or swimming.


Ok you may be a little rusty, a little wobbly, and you definitely would’ve lost your edge and not at the top of your game, but your Chi Sau is still there.


Forms may need a touch more reminding regarding the pattern and names of positions, but you’d still be ok with the shape of them.


With the basics trained correctly, Wing Chun can stay with you for a lifetime (Welcome to WingChun.Online).

Trained incorrectly (some mish mash teacher making things up) and you’ll probably be glad you lost it anyway.


So here’s a question for you.



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