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This week I find myself in the beautiful Isle of Harris, above Scotland in the Outer Hebrides, and it reminds me of a trip I had with my wife here some years ago, a trip at the time, I made a blog over.


I’ve often heard people talking of a single experience of seeing Wing Chun and being put off, unfortunately this is usually that they’ve either once visited a small class, caught a glimpse of something on YouTube or had the bad experience of spending time with someone who probably did not know what they were talking about.

Whichever one it was, it had them immediately dismissing Wing Chun as either  ‘Not for them’ or just ‘No good’.

Oh dear.


This is very similar to when my wife and I, while on this previous visit to (in fact tour of) Scotland I mentioned, called into a whisky shop in Edinburgh.


Becky (my wife) was offered to try some of the huge range of bottles on display but she simply said,

Oh no thank you, I don’t like whisky”,

To which the man replied,

I’m sure it’s just that you’ve not found the right whisky for you”.

And he was right.


A few samples later and BINGO, that was the one for her.


Now some of you may be thinking, ‘Well after 20 samples of course it’s going to start tasting good’, but this one did!

By the way, the interesting one about this particular whisky was it had  a chocolaty finish to it.


Anyway, my point is simple:

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Don’t judge all whisky by your first ever taste.

Don’t be put off by viewing one bad version of Wing Chun.


Always be openminded and don’t assume that all Wing Chun whiskies is the same.

They’re not.

You just need to find the right school for you.


Chin Chin


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