Wing Chun Circuit Training


Wing Chun Circuit Training


Circuit training instead of Chi Sau is a great way to keep your classes running while creating minimum personal contact during this time of the Corona Virus.


Of course this only work if you have the space to do it and may not suit your set up if your training room is tight to start with.


A typical session will include four groups, covering

Wooden Dummy

(sections or drills depending on the students knowledge)


Punches (wall bags or air)


Siu Lim Tau (Not slow)


Leg work (Mid section kicks)


Every five minutes we have a clockwise change and after each group has trained in every sector we then move to a second round with each group increasing in its intensity or skill.


Dummy will move to a new section or a new drill

Punches will be turning punches or Tan/Punch etc.

Siu Lim Tau will change to Chum Kiu

Leg work will change from Mid section kicks to double kicks or Biu Mar stepping etc.


Here is a little clip from typical session (although a small class):






If your Wing Chun school has closed due to the Corona virus outbreak, or if you are just presently concerned with your class training and the close contact of Chi Sau and this is making you miss training, we are offering a 50% reduction of first month fees to allow you to train from home.

You are not contracted and cancellation is easy, just enter discount code APRIL2020 to get started.


Spaces are limited and this offer is only until the end of April.

Remember to say hello on the forum once you are in.

Thank you.




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