Why Are Some Videos Repeated?


Many people ask me, “How long it takes to learn Wing Chun when using this site?”

This is obviously a difficult question to answer as we are all different, but more importantly, I believe this question is being confused with, “How long does it take to watch all of the videos on this site?”


To understand, absorb and digest what is being shown to you through these classes (not forgetting to actually be able  to the things!) classes need to be viewed MANY times, and not simply skimmed over.


Just trusting that an individual will do this, is not enough.

(This is why a video may be shown again, possibly at a time where its topic has extra relevance)


It is very easy to hear something said but not to have actually listened, or to have looked at something but not really seen.


The key to learning is repetition.

People say the practice makes perfect.

It does not.

Practice only makes permanent.

Only perfect practice makes perfect.


Not doing this correct from the start will ingrain mistakes which will be harder to lose than they were to gain.


Therefore watch a video over and over again until every detail has been understood, and then when you’ve gone through the whole site, START AGAIN!

It is our cycle of learning that gives clarity and better understanding of the system, with each time going round giving you a fresh new perspective.



This is so easily done due to people thinking that if it was taught early in your development then it’s probably just the baby stuff and not very important.

Well what about the first thing you ever did?

Learning to breathe!

Not only is it still an important thing today but is the MOST important thing.

(Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme)


The bottom line is this, ‘If ever there’s a problem with an advanced technique the answer is always in your basics’.


So do not skip the early stuff.

Do not rush.

Take you time and watch the classes over and over.

Who knows, it may save your life?



Just as I was finishing this blog I heard a single engine Cessna flying overhead and it made me smile as I thought, there’s a series of lessons you wouldn’t want to skip, you would LOOK and LISTEN and then probably want to do it all again, several times, before taking that first solo flight.

Wouldn’t you?  🙂

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