Where Is ‘Your’ Back Foot?


The back foot position is always the same


Recently, for one reason or another, I seem to have been watching a lot of students kicking techniques, in particular, Mid-section kicks, from a basic stance.


One of the main issues I see going wrong with this technique, ironically, is not visible to that of the practitioner, mainly because the issue is with the supporting foot, a case of, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.


When training your kicks, especially if you are not using a mirror, you are nearly always going to looking at the kicking leg, not the supporting leg, and probably doing this so fast that there is not time being offered to see whether you are in balance or not.


If you were going to step into your Biu Mar stance then I am pretty sure that the back foot position would be addressed, but not when kicking, even though the direction of the kick and the principle of the stance, remains exactly the same.


Hopefully, some elements within the video below will help to clarify what I mean by this, showing that the back foot remains in the same shape, whether it is used as the back foot in Biu Mar, the back foot in Cheun Mar, or the supporting foot when kicking.


Thank you for watching.


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