When Someone Is Bigger


Bad example?  🙂


I guess we all know that Wing Chun is designed for the smaller weaker person against the bigger stronger opponent, but not a great deal is spoken about range.


The taller person can have their advantages but there are also downsides to this too, mainly the fact that everything they do looks bigger (due to having further to go) and is therefore subject to telegraphing, so if you are tall and training in Wing Chun, do pay particular attention to this.

One good way is to use your smart phone to video yourself and then watch it back, looking for these signals, that way reducing your weaknesses.


So what does the smaller person do then?


Get close


Make sure that if YOU are not in range, NOBODY is in range


Just in the same way a Jack Russell would fight a Doberman, by going for the throat and not letting the bigger dog retreat.


Rather than write varying examples, here is a class clip where I answer this question.


Thank you for watching and I do hope you get something helpful from this.


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