What Should I Do To Develop My Wing Chun?



What Should I Do To Develop My Wing Chun?


This kind of question is often put to me, so what is the answer?

More Wing Chun of course.


People ask of meditation and if this will help Wing Chun, or if Wing Chun is good for meditation, and

Yes of course it is.


Our bodies are always trying to maintain internal health and an over all well being, but face constant daily resistance through stress, strain, nerves and tension. 

During the slow peaceful movements of the first section of first form, ‘Siu Lim Tau’ (meaning Little Idea), we train ourselves to focus on just one thing – developing elbow energy.

And by focussing on just the one thing we allow ourselves to forget about everything else, all the problems of the day, therefore clearing the path for our body to do what it needs to in order to keep us healthy

Maybe you think that this is done when we sleep?

But yet again our bodies feel this resistance, shown through our tossing & turning, through bad dreams and a general lack of good quality sleep.


Somebody once asked Sifu Ip Chun, “Is Siu Lim Tau like Buddhist meditation?”

To which he answered “It’s exactly the same, but we also have the benefit of movement”.


When people want to hold weights to ultimately get their punches faster (thinking that once the weights are gone, their arms will rocket forward).

This all sounds good in theory, but, Why not just train punches?

The feeling is different when holding weights AND, may encourage you to gain comfort with the lowered speed.


What about training squats to get legs stronger?

What about just going a little deeper in your stance for a change!


So you see, if you want to improve upon and support your Wing Chun


Train more Wing Chun!

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