What Is The Best Style?



What is the best style?


A strange question, which incidentally, should really read:

What is the best style FOR ME?


People often want to know:

Which style is better?

But what do you mean by that?

That question is almost nonsensical.


No style is better than any other THAT is down to the individual.


I was asked a question this week:


“If someone were to enter a MMA type competition using only Wing Chun, would they win?”

They also added:

“I wouldn’t be able to use my kicks to the knee/groin, nor my strikes to the eyes, or throat.

But couldn’t I just palm strike people in the head, and use my Wing Chun blocks to win?

Some of the guys I see in videos throw the most bizarre elbows and knees and from the oddest angles, I don’t even know how I would block some of them.”


My answer to this was as follows:


First of all, in my opinion, anyone who goes ‘looking‘ for a fight, doesn’t deserve to win, therefore this course of action would not have my endorsement.


Secondly I would say that all too often we hear of people wanting to match style against style, when really this is more a case of person against person.


Also, regarding your question, why would you want to enter a situation of danger knowing full well that you are not permitted to use half of your arsenal?


I agree that sparring and an element of competition is a good thing in any style, and unfortunately for some, it’s actually not a bad thing to get hit now and again.

It trains you to know what to expect, and to realize that it may not be as bad as you think.


But to train in one style, only to then go into a competition knowing full well that you cannot use what you’ve trained?

I do not think this is productive, as it will only serve to make you doubt your style.


And what about styles?

What about the original question?


What Is The Best Style?


Well only you can answer that, and you’ll know when you find it, but let me guide you in the right direction.


If you are small, slight and frail, perhaps do not go checking out full contact Karate, likewise

If you are a muscle-bound giant, you may wish to give Qi Gong or Tai Chi a miss.



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