What Is A Life?


This morning I attended the funeral of an old friend and by old I do not mean his age, in fact he was younger than me.


It was a wonderful service with the huge church being packed, people even having to stand around the sides.

A great send off and something he would have been very happy of.


Reggae music played as the coffin was brought in, and again as it left, with a gospel choir singing the place down, a true celebration of his life.

I just thought I’d share with you a little part of the sermon the priest gave, he started off by saying that he could not remember who it was that made this quote but he wanted to deliver it anyway.

“The world is more than just the world.

People are more than just people.

Life is more than just a life.”


The message here is that a life not lived is no life at all and that we should embrace life 24/7 for what it is, a gift,

(I know some people like to say, ‘That’s why we call it the present’).


So do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


Rest In Peace Benji

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