What DO You WANT?


What DO you WANT?

A man once said to Gautama Buddha:

I want happiness

Buddha said,

“First remove “I,” that is Ego, then remove “want,” that is Desire. See now, you are left with only “Happiness”.


We all want to be good at something, and hopefully if you’re reading this then you wish to be good at Wing Chun?

‘It’s hard to saw like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys’

Longfellow Deeds

(Just kidding).


Reach for the stars but do remember to take things one-step at a time, just like the phrase:


‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.


Now sometimes this may seem too daunting to consider, but do not let that stop you, because before you know it you’ll look over your shoulder and be surprised at how much you’ve covered already.


For the lucky ones of us, there was a time before you could walk or even stand, when the thought of walking probably just seemed out of reach, but you did stand, and you did walk, and before you knew it you were running around and even jumping.

Now, thinking back, the notion of not being able to stand or walk may seem crazy (as I said ‘For the lucky ones’).

The point is that what seems difficult today, may not be tomorrow.


I once heard a nice quote from a man who was buying a house, a quite expensive house in fact, or so I thought until he said,

A house is only expensive on the day you buy it”.

This made so much sense when you consider that, as time goes on, the value of the house goes up, whereas the money he owes remaining on the house will be going down, and in addition to this we would hope that his wages may also increase over time, making the payments less of the struggle they were when he first bought the house.


A house is only expensive on the day you buy it”.


This is the same mentality when we start an exercise routine or maybe start to train for running a 10k race.


At first this is the hardest thing ever, because you have no muscle and lots of fat, but over time the muscles get stronger, and as the fat burns off, what the muscles need to carry becomes less.


Win – Win


But this must start somewhere.

So do have dreams

Do have goals

Go for what you want in life


But do not always focus on the end goal, by all means use it to inspire you, but enjoy the daily training of each and every element will be a joy.


I liked the thing John Lennon said:

Life is what’s happening while you’re making plans for the future



Thiên Đàn Đại Phật

Thiên Đàn Đại Phật ở Đại Dữ Sơn ! _()_

Posted by In Áo Theo Yêu Cầu on Monday, November 19, 2018


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