Wall Bag Punches




After a chat earlier today about developing power in punches, I thought I’d share this short video on wall bag punching.


There are 3 types of punches





Chain punches are not meant to be used in a real fight situation, but instead are for developing speed.

Executing 50 punches in 5 seconds works out at 10 punches per second, this does not mean that we expect to hit 10 times per second in a fight, but instead to use 1 punch in one tenth of a second


Air punches are mainly a single punch, as fast as possible, WITH power not he end of it


Wall bag punches are for training your to stop on contact, of course there is the benefit of conditioning but that is a bonus, NOT the main reason.

If you push through on a wall bag, the wall will not move, you will.


In this video I refer to distance training when using the wall bag, I hope you get something from this,


Thank you



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