To Add Or To Take Away? That Is The Question


SHOULD we add on to the system or not?


Having a drill or exercise that can better understand what we are training is one thing, to simply change the style to make it your own is very different.


Picasso once said, “Good artists create, great artists steal”, and THAT is how and why we should be trying to improve upon Wing Chun, by stealing more things AWAY.


Ip Man once said, “Anyone can add on to a system, the secret is to try take away, but still keep it pure”.


There have been SO MANY times over the years where I have been invited to sell out by being encouraged to add to Wing Chun by mixing it with other styles, Kick Boxing, MMA and so on.


But adding on to something is not always a good idea:

Adding years to your life?


Adding more plastic bottles to the oceans?



Adding money in the bank?


Adding inches to your waistline?



Adding simpler approach to understanding the Wing Chun system?


By adding extra forms, newly created footwork and complicated structures to follow?

OF COURSE NOT (THAT, makes no sense)



So keep things simple, THAT is the secret to learning AND the secret to improvement.


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