Three Top Tips For A Tip Top Day


Not the best tongue twister

but the best I could manage


This morning I woke up feeling a bit lack lustre, not my usual self and to be honest, just a bit crappy really, and this therefore left me with a decision to make, do I make the rest of my family miserable too, or do I do something about changing the day ahead?

Luckily I chose the latter.


My three top tips are simple:


Make your bed

Have a shower

Go for a walk


NOT necessarily in that order, although making your bed should be the first thing you do.

The reason for this is easy to grasp, because whatever you do after that, at least when you walk into your bedroom the place will look good, which in turn will make you feel good, and that is what we are trying to achieve after all.


Having a shower has always been good for me when feeling stressed or frustrated as it seems almost symbolic, washing away the cares of the day, as it were (well I did say it was symbolic).


Exercise, this has always been a winner, make the effort to do something, anything, and doing this outside where you can get some fresh air, is always a winner.

Why not start with a few twists then fire out some chain punches or play a Form, just to get you going, then get outside.


If you can run, run, if you’re not so good at running then try a little jog, although this is not the best form of exercise as long term, it can damage your knees, especially if you are carrying a little extra weight at present, oh and do remember that when running down hill you are actually putting three times your weight on your knee joints (something not many people are aware of).

Ideally you  run up the hill and walk down it NOT the other way round (a commonly made mistake).


For me though I do enjoy a walk, mainly because I like to take in the sights, there are so many day to day things we miss when we’re driving past them at 40mph.


So to recap…

This morning, after feeling out of sorts, I made my bed, took the dog out for a walk, managing to get a few miles under my feet, then came home for a lovely shower, which all in all left me feeling tip top.

After a good walk you may feel a little grubby, so best save your shower until you’ve finished your exercise.  🙂


It is so important that we try to take care of ourselves, especially these days, and every little really does help, healthy body, healthy mind, oh and let’s not forget that shower eh?





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