The Three Stages Of learning


While teaching my class last night I was trying to get my students to not over think their defensive techniques but rather to allow them to simply happen.


Using one of our newer members of the school, this was demonstrated by paying attention to his reaction through Chi Sau and how he had developed these panic defences, reacting to my attacks almost without thought, allowing the body to mould to the area of danger, without thinking of how to block.


While explaining this I was reminded of something Master Ip Chun said to me regarding what he called ‘The three stages of learning’.


These were explain as follows:



The first stage is when you enter the school for the first time, and, because you know nothing, you require no thought.



The second stage we could consider the dangerous stage, as this is where we begin to learn.

Things are being developed, drilled, practiced and tested, but not yet confirmed.

And as we know, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

(In my personal but strong opinion, this is also why teaching our students should NOT be delayed

and/or dragged out by PRETEND secrets or extortionate fees).



And then we come to the final stage.

This being where, when an attack is thrown, you simply react with your defence and counter attack.

Without thought.

Just as you were when you first entered the Kwoon (school) as a beginner.


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