This Won’t Last Long


The very clock


Yesterday I spent some time in a friends office, in order to work on my book, a book I might add which has taken YEARS.

To give some idea of how long, it was 20 years ago that Master Ip Chun asked me to take photos with him to go in it, and 10 years ago he wrote the first foreword!


One reason for this is that I just seem to keep adding to it and another is that I never seem to get any peace and quite, hence the reason for using my friends empty office.


While sitting there, I happened to glance up at the wall, and there I saw a clock, a very nice clock, silent and with a smooth second hand, just one constant swoop.

Mesmerised by this, I found myself momentarily following this hand, counting the seconds in my head as I did so, then the thought struck me, how much time we waste waiting for something, which is then gone in a heartbeat.

I demonstrated this idea to myself by choosing a point on the clock and watching the second hand make its way toward it, and of course, no sooner had it reached this point, than it had left it again.


‘Time waits for no man’


Just like in Chi Sau, we must stay in the moment constantly and not lose sight thinking of what may happen, or dwelling on the past thinking of what we should have done, because what is done is done.


A long time ago I discovered a very wise man who I would encourage you to watch too, Sadhguru, now this man has very interesting views to many ideals and fall in line with how I try to live my own life, especially when I try to keep calm and happy when homeschooling my three children!


One thing in particular that I wish to share is the idea that:


This Won’t Last Long


This is something worth repeating to yourself on a daily, or even hourly basis, in order to help you not only, stay in the moment, but to appreciate every element of it.

If you are not feeling very well – This Won’t Last Long

If you are worried about your work – This Won’t Last Long

If ever you are unhappy or angry about someone or something – This Won’t Last Long

If you are finding your training or Wing Chun abilities a struggle – This Won’t Last Long


But this is not only the bad things, it is also the good, if you are spending time with your children, hold on to that as much as you can, because – This Won’t Last Long

Sleepless nights with a baby – This Won’t Last Long

The joys of a holiday or a special day – This Won’t Last Long

The contentment of having a teacher who you value and who is there for you – This Won’t Last Long


I am not trying to put a dampener on the good times, quite the opposite, I am encouraging you to not take them for granted but to get the most out of them, because good or bad – This Won’t Last Long.


This is what I am telling myself now as I struggle with the focus to finish this flipping book, keep going – This Won’t Last Long


So whatever you are doing today or have planned for tomorrow, stay in the moment and experience every part of it…


This Won’t Last Long

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