The Ups And Downs Of Tension


Come down as faster than you went up


It seems to be the most common thing when playing Chi Sau for a student to assume that their partner is using a great deal of energy, often making this (for the less experienced at least) a difficult game to play.


So what do we do about it?

More often than not, relax.


To say this and leave it would be a very strange train of thought indeed but my point is that often, it is YOU who is doing the pushing without even knowing it.


Look at it this way, when you first link up, if either one of you, whether intentional or not, offers the slightest bit of tension, it is nearly always going to be given back.

Therefore, your unintentional (and accidental), slightly applied pressure becomes translated as an aggressive approach to the game, you retaliate by pushing back and the thing escalates in no time.


In order to escape this, ONE of you needs to be the bigger person and chill out, stop pushing and try to relax.

Just a little.


The likelihood is that the other guy will welcome a momentary break from the pressure, allowing them to relax too, this way the process starts to work in reverse with both parties almost trying to become more relaxed than the other.

The result being that each side has a very enjoyable Chi Sau session, trading in skill over aggression.


Try it, you may be surprised.

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