The Search For The Perfect Siu Lim Tau

A one degree change in the journey of a thousand miles

leads to a different destination


Over the years I have written hundreds and hundreds of blogs for with many of them carrying video content, this blog however will be the first time I have uploaded an actual class.


I know it may be a lot to ask for many of you to sit through this whole session, so it has been cropped down a little to make it more achievable.


This session was not one of our usual livestream classes but a personal walk through the Form with a couple of my students.


The idea was that I would watch a few Forms and make comment as and when I saw the need, in this case (as is often the case) I did not get far before discovering room for improvement in a crucial area, and for many, the most important section of the most important Form.


The building of energy in Siu Lim Tau.


Although this class was not recorded for public viewing, I felt this particular session was worth sharing for the great benefits that could be achieved for others, and from only the slightest of alterations.

(This section of the class does start with a discussion regarding the bow and also the closes used after the opening punches, so do bear with it, oh, and I do tend to teach the Form in a mirrored fashion, which is why when I refer to the ‘right’ arm, I mean, ‘YOUR’ right arm. ¬†Thank you)


Thank you for watching.



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