The Same Target


YOU move, THEY do not


Over the past couple of months I have been giving many live stream classes (something we have now made permanent weekly fixtures to our members) and one issue which seems to keep popping up, is the lack of understanding the ‘Same Target’ mentality.

I am referring in particular to turning punches, whether this is being used with a Tan Sau, a Low Garn, Biu etc. the simple rule of thumb is that the striking hand should be in line with the opposite shoulder, but this is not because the target has moved across, but because we have.


The target doesn’t move. You do.


I am in no way knocking those who struggle with this technique, not at all, it is not easy to master but it is important to.

The way I teach this technique is in a very simple easy to learn method, but it does need practice from your side too.


At this point I am reminded of something Sifu Ip Chun said

(Mentioned only last week in a recent blog):

“Fifty percent of your training comes from me, the other fifty percent comes from you”


Unless you are willing to do your part too, then this is not going to work, that would be like paying membership to a gym, never actually trying to lift any weights and then getting annoyed with the gym.

Take your time, pick this up in stages, BUT remember the most important part:


The target doesn’t move. You do.


In my beginner courses I approach the turning punch in lesson three of six, and at that time explain the way Grandmaster Ip Man used to teach.

He would have a student first learn Siu Lim Tau over a one year period, then have them study Chum Kiu over a second year, ONLY after that did he then feel you were ready to learn turning punch!

This changed in 1969 but even then you were still required to play Siu Lim Tau for one year before being ready to learn it, with the idea that the following year of training Chum Kiu would help perfect it.

At this point I would remind my beginners that, even in my lifetime people would have trained for two years before learning this move, THEY have been training for two lessons!

Once at a seminar a student asked Ip Chun:

“What is the difference between the student and the master?”

To which he replied:

“The student make the simple look difficult, and the master makes the difficult look simple”

So again I say, do not beat your self up for not getting this immediately but do listen to what is asked from you first and foremost…


The target doesn’t move. You do.


Hopefully the video below will make things a little clearer and assist you with any issues or concerns you may be facing.


Thank you


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