The Importance Of Flowing (Part 1 of 2)


Be like water

(Now who said that???)


Any person, training any Martial Art will always train technique, and Wing Chun is no exception.


A classic example of this is Tan/Da (Tan and punch), but what so many people seem to do is to train the technique and then stop, now this is great for training the technique, but very bad for your fighting or self defence skills in general.




Because there is no way that one strike and one defence will be the outcome in ANY street fight, unless you are extremely lucky, so why are you training yourself to stop at the very part were things get going?

Remember this:


There will always be a second strike,

and if it’s not coming from you then it will coming from your attacker.


But why would stop at the second strike?  Do not stop until the threat is eliminated and you are safe.


This mentality occurs in classes across the globe and in so many ways, either through drilling a technique such as Tan/Da, or drilling Pak Sau exercises, or even in playing Chi Sau, where when an attack gets in, it is only to be met with acknowledgement, recognition and even possible congratulations.

The point being that in all these cases, after the singular exchange, it stops.

If Chi Sau is meant to represent the link between drills and street, let us at least keep some understanding of the mentality of the street, because for as much fun as this game of Chi Sau is, this is what we are trying to benefit from.


In the video below I explain how this can be trained through a slow comfortable method, allowing you to stay in the moment and take away the want to stop yourself mid flow, while at the same time staying in the moment with regards to your need to still defend, even when you are already counter-attacking.


The initial strike is completely agreed upon here and choreographed, as I say, the aim here is purely being placed on what we do after the technique and never assuming that things are safe based on your counter.


 Please look out for Part 2 of this blog where we take away your option to choose a defence.


Thank you for watching.


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