The Final Week


10 weeks – 1,000,000 punches


On Monday 1st May 2023, we started our 10-1 Club (10 weeks – 1,000,000 punches), and as the final week is upon us, I just wanted to say how very proud I am of all who join us in this campaign, no matter how far your personal journey managed to take you.


As our members log in to their accounts this month, you will notice the July pop-up, informing you of our next step…


‘We’ve trained the numbers, now let’s train the reactions’


So click on MY ACCOUNT, click on VIRTUAL SPARRING, and choose any random box to train with, and as soon as I move… BOOM!, you react.


Have fun everyone and let’s make this week one of the best yet!


Oh and if you didn’t manage to join us on this particular run, and feel a little disappointed that it’s the final week and that the finish line is in sight!


Then why not join us for the final 100,000 punches?


It’s only 20,000 per day 🙂


What a week that would be though eh, a little goal but a lot of fun.


If you’re interested, just go to WingChun.Online and scroll to the bottom of the home page, there you will see the golden ticket, click on that to find out more!


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