The Danger Of Slow Attacks


Not all danger is immediately obvious


It is a curious thing to me, how many people seem to believe that if/when they learn a Martial Art, they suddenly become super human, invincible almost.



You are not, you still bleed and you still feel pain.


When you learn a Martial Art it will give you an edge, and that edge will depend on how long you train for, and perhaps even ‘what‘ you are training (and maybe even who you train under).


Having had some experience in other styles, I do see the pros and cons of different styles and what may best suit who.


For me personally, in my early years I studied mainly Karate, taking six years working my way up to Shodan level (Black belt), and as much as I loved it, and have great respect for it (as I do all styles), I did not feel I was very good at it.



Because I was a skinny kid, and Karate then was not for the scrawny guys.


To try to improve upon this, I trained in Thai Boxing to improve my kicks and sought out a style called ‘Wing Chun‘ (whatever that was?) which I understood to be good for the hands and close up attack and defence.

Again for ME, this new style of Wing Chun seemed perfect, and was something I could actually do immediately, mainly as it suited my build, that was way back in the 1980’s, and the rest they say… is history.


My Karate days


What I said about Karate (at that time at least) not being the best style for me, we could of course say the same for Wing Chun for many other individuals, in that Wing Chun may not be best suited to those who are muscle bound for instance, mainly due to the difficulties that may be presented when searching for their internal energies over their external mass.


But the point here is this…


It does not matter what you train or how long you train it, everyone is susceptible to a sucker punch or a sneaky attack, therefore, IF you know you are in danger, do not let your guard down for a second, not so much your physical guard, but more importantly, your mental guard.

Your physical guard may appear to relax a little to your opponent (if perhaps to try assist in defusing the situation) but this would still always be recoverable, however, when your mental guard begins to drop, you’re screwed.


So keep aware.


In this video we see an idea of what I am referring to, oh and the guy assisting me in this clip, did not know what I was planning to do.


Hope you get something from it, thank you.


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