The Colour of Siu Lim Tau

In the past I have often stated that,

‘Everything in the Wing Chun system is in Siu Lim Tau,

(provided you know where to find it)’

I usually like to use the alphabet analogy to explain this, saying that no matter what endless possibilities we may have regarding the written word, its expansion to sentences, paragraphs and novels galore, all of these infinite possibilities come from just twenty-six letters.

The other day this Siu Lim Tau idea was questioned in class when a student was trying to look for Mun Sau’s within the form.

In order to find the Mun Sau I mentioned that if we looked at the Low Garn position from third section and mix that with the angle and direction of the Fak sau’s from second section, she would find what she was looking for.

This made perfect sense when I recommended we look at this a little like trying to find the ‘Advanced’ colours of Biu Gee by simply mixing the ‘Basic’ primary colours (of Siu Lim Tau) together (if you get the idea?).

Low and behold we once again find ourselves faced with the lucky number 3.

Three hand forms

Three sections

Three basics shapes

And so on, including now…

Three primary colours




Using this idea we can allow ourselves so many new possibilities regarding the understanding of what the forms can give us, or in particular, Siu Lim Tau.

Happy painting everyone

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