The ABC’s Of Wing Chun

As easy as ABC?



Before I get into this short blog, let me ask you a question…

Master Ip Chun says:

“If you think of Siu Lim Tau as your Primary school, Chum Kiu as Secondary school,

and Biu Gee as University, which one of these is the most important?”




Learning the basics of Wing Chun is like learning the 26 letters of the alphabet.


Once you’ve learned it, that’s not the end of it, that’s the start.


All too often people will look at the basics of Wing Chun and think that it’s too simple for them.

(Although I’m not sure there is such a thing)


On its own the alphabet makes little sense but when we begin to know what to do with it, creating words, sentences, paragraphs and entire books, well the possibilities are endless.


Learn the alphabet of Wing Chun yes, it may not even take you very long, but then give it time to fully understand and you will have a world of opportunity ahead of you.


So as I mentioned at the start, this train of thought can be brought into our form training too, especially when we consider each form as a level of education.


I started this blog with a question, I wonder if you got it right?


The answer is:

‘Whichever one you are training at that time’



University may be important, but you’d never even get in if you didn’t know your alphabet!


And as important as those early years of development may be, I’m guessing you not going to achieve that high-powered job in the city, just because you can draw a face on a potato!


See my point?


Happy training and hope to see you all in class soon.

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