The 1-2-3 Of Chi Sau



The 1-2-3 Of Chi Sau?

This is a very SHORT blog with a very STRONG message.


A while ago I came up with my simple three-step rule for successful Chi Sau.


Now when I say successful Chi Sau I mean a way of thinking to stop you getting hit so often, and surely that’s half the battle when it comes to improving.


To get straight to it, the three points are as follow.


When rolling in Tan and Bong always think of the tip of the elbow rolling as HIGH and as LOW as you can.


Any pressure – force – resistance, MUST come from the base of the forearm / elbow area.


Keep the HANDS RELAXED, until it is time to not relax.


Simple eh?

And yet I can pretty much guarantee that if the first of these rules is not met, nothing else will be successful.



If a Bong is not UP, you will get hit.

If a Tan is not IN, you will not only get hit but you would deserve to get hit!


If resistance is met through tension in the hands, you’re going to find yourself being Lapped and Paked, pushed and pulled, and pretty much ragged all over the place all day long.


Power in the hand should be used at the point of contact, whether that is in a Punch or a Palm, a Lap or a Pak.

If tension is already lingering then you cannot Jam a Pak, and if you cannot relax the hand you will never slip a Lap.

So learn to play Chi Sau further down your arms, a good elbow position makes ALL the difference.

And don’t just stick with your favorites, if you want to improve, work on the things you are not so good at!


What have you got to lose?


I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger once saying that if he improves ONE body part, then he has to improve ALL the other body parts too, so that no one part is better or weaker than the other.


Keep everything in proportion when it comes to your Chi Sau.

Don’t be a one trick pony.

And stop getting hit when you do not need to be getting hit.





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