Tea Please, No Sugar


A perfect cup of tea?


It’s 1.22 in the afternoon, my wife and children are outside and I am allowed to remain indoors and have some time to myself, time I decided to use by making a cup of tea and lying on the sofa to watch an episode of Sherlock Holmes.


You may be wondering, where’s this blog going?


Well, as I went to add water to the kettle I discovered that there was already water in it, ‘Ah’, I thought, what a wonderful feeling to find that something is already done, what a momentary relief it is to not have to adjust, amend or correct a situation, but to just have it flow (Ah, Flow, get it? Brilliant).


Anyway, the point is this, I have often said that it is the curse of the teacher that we are trained to look for fault, just like judges at the Olympics, no matter how good the performance in front of us, we are always looking for that one little flaw, I guess in the same way the Police are constantly having to listen to lies such as:

“It wasn’t me”

“I didn’t see anything”

“I wasn’t even there”

And so on.


It can take years to build a reputation but you can lose it overnight.


You could have a wonderful evening out, with friends or with your partner, and you may dine at the finest restaurant and perhaps have drinks at the best clubs in town, BUT, if you find that you go to the restroom and there were no toilet rolls, or paper towels, or that the hand dryer was broken for instance, then THIS would be the thing that would stick in your mind.


Have you ever planned an evening but been SO disappointed if everything has not gone perfectly to plan?

I’m betting yes, and yet the best nights you can remember where likely to be the ones that just happened.


For me as a teacher I have been privileged to have seen some amazing forms, but only realized it when it was finished, wishing I could go back and watch it again (though unless it’s on video, don’t bother, it wouldn’t be the same and you’d only be even more disappointed).


So the tip here I guess is this, go easy on your self, both as a student and as a teacher, and only expect

What should be expected.


If it’s a beginner then completing the correct pattern will do, if it is intermediate student then precision is obviously more important, and if we are talking about a senior then perhaps it is ok to wish for pattern, precision, power and focus to mention just a few.


Basics are essential, BUT we must know when to allow these to relax or the restraints within them will kill all your future efforts, and this idea should go for our personal focus too.

Being your own worst critic is one thing but not if it prevents your development.


In this time of self-isolation, being stuck indoors with the family, tempers may fray a little and you may get short tempered on occasion, but ask yourself this:

“Does is really matter?”


Teaching you children and telling your children are different things, and it is easy to get into a shouting match over something like a child not eating the last mouthful of peas on their plate for instance, but as long as they have had enough to eat, does it really matter?


Is eating everything on your plate as important as teaching a child Road Safety or Stranger Danger perhaps?

So when you’re stuck at home with the kids, let them be kids, let them enjoy themselves;



Therefore, whether it is your children, your students or your self, choose what is important to look for, be happy when things go well, and don’t get too pissed if not everything is 100%, that’s life, be kind to your self.


Adapt and overcome my friends.

Now, I’m going to finish making my tea and enjoy the rest of my lazy hour.


Much love and stay safe everyone.



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