Tan From The Elbow


Where is the strength in Tan?


We all know what a Tan Sau is and how to use it, after all, you’ve drilled thousands of these in classes, either through solo (turning Tan Da), or against a punch thrown in partner training, but when using the Tan where is your thinking?


A turning Tan/punch is a common thing to drill in class, and is a good thing, but left there, can also be very dangerous.

What I mean by this is that to execute the perfect Tan and counter punch may make you feel good, but it may also make you feel as though you have defeated your opponent…


The Tan and punch is not the end of the technique, it is only the beginning!


Stopping after a Tan/punch is a dangerous habit to get into, as it is assuming that the threat has now stopped, your attacker will continue to attack you if you, do not continue in your counterattack.

And as for the Tan itself, we can all talk about creating the perfect deflection, sliding the strike away from you etc, but occasionally, it is not a bad thing to remind yourself that this is a fight, and not only might you tense up a little, you may well need to.


So, from time to time, allow yourself some artistic license and give the Tan some power, thinking not of the deflecting wrist, but of the power from the forearm.


In the video clip below, I took time out from a class just to highlight this idea.


Thank you for watching.



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