Stuck For A Christmas Idea?


Today is a good day!


I am very happy to say that I finally feel like the site is just about where I wanted it (for now anyway), with our new homepage, the Introduction to Wing Chun videos,  Self Defence videos, VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WING CHUN advanced training level, and now even our clothing/uniform range included in the shop.


So to all of you who have asked in the past if there was any way of buying a club shirt, then here you go, and who knows, maybe a mention to a friend, family member or loved one, and Santa may leave one under the tree for you?


You can even buy a membership for loved ones just by clicking the ‘Is this a gift’ box, definitely the gift that keeps on giving, what better present than giving someone the chance of defending themselves?


And, unlike Rudolph and Blitzen, we’re not too (two) dear!  Get it?  🙂


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