Strange Times


Let’s think of others


This is strange blog I am writing today as I usually try to pass on a message, to give something inspirational, to share an experience I’ve had with Master Ip Chun or to teach a technique or its principles, today however I find myself wanting to simply share my feelings.


Now in no way do I mean to play down those people who have lost loved ones through disease, lost their homes and belongings to fires and floods or those forced to leave their homes to seek refuge in camps with no certainty of where they will eventually call home, but for the most of us in the modern world, we are a very lucky generation.


We are a generation who, for the most anyway, have not known many hardships, not had to go to war and not had to suffer oppression or great loss and yet during these times it feels as though we are suffering together.


While this virus spreads we hear so many different stories, how figures are not so bad as they say, that we will be fine, things are calming down and a cure is just around the corner, but we do not know this, so for now all we can do is sit tight and ride out the storm.



I am sure we will get through this, and with the warmer weather approaching perhaps it will not take that long, but during this wait we see our true colours, and our true character.


Those who made it through World Wars would be disgusted at some of the behavior of so many people, panic buying and fighting over toilet rolls, rather than sharing what we have and looking out for each other.



I heard a wonderful quote passed on by the singer Michael Buble the other day, which went:

“Our Grandparents were asked to go to war, where as all we’re being asked to do is sit on the couch”.


Of course it’s not all doom and gloom and there have been some elements of a silver lining, having to stay at home gives us a wonderful chance to get closer with our children, to read a book together and play together.

Having so many planes grounded and industry closed for just a few weeks will allow the planet to get its breath back, already in China we see they have had air pollution drop by a quarter in the last month and levels of nitrogen dioxide down by 30%.



On a personal note I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of my students, who during this time of uncertainty have continued their training fees in order to keep the school going.

At the weekend we were told by the Prime Minister, that we must close our doors until further notice, and we shall do this, but that will not stop us training, whether this is with or through a video link (which I am arranging at the moment), or as we are doing tonight, meeting at the school to then train outdoors (at a safe distance from each other of course).


‘As my students are there for me, I will be there for them.’


During these difficult times of home isolation, it is so important that we keep our minds and bodies healthy.

The show must go on, and we must keep strong and healthy for ourselves and our families, so I ask that you join me in training your Siu Lim Tau daily, take the time to check on an elderly neighbor and try to be positive.


As JFK said:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country”


Let’s be kind to each other, we’ll be glad we did when this is finally over.


Stay safe everyone and bless you all.


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