Small Bites


Do things sometimes appear a little too much?


My wife and I managed to buy a house in October and I have been gradually getting the necessary work done, preparing it for our big move later this month (there was a lot to do).


Todays job was tackling the painting of the bedroom ceiling, which had needed to be re-plastered to cover some thick Artex, before then getting its first coat (watered down of course), followed by a good cleaning of all the access plaster stains.


Anyway, todays plan was to start the cutting in, going around the edges etc. and when all that was done, I would then begin filling in with the roller, so I should be able to get it all done in one day, no problem.


Now these were good, intensions but it was not until I started doing the work did I realize there was a lot more work to it than first met the eye, with the room being bigger than I imagined, plus, areas where I thought I would be able to use a roller were just too small, and so needed brushwork throughout.

The outcome being that this first stage went on, and on, and on with me later realising that I simply cannot do the whole thing in just one day.


The point here is that if I allowed this to get to me, I would be very disappointed, so instead, now knowing the edging was going to take a long time, I decided to change my goal for the day and just focus on completing the edging and then being fully prepared for tomorrow.


What seemed to me at the start of the day to be the fast part of the job turned into an epic job, and took me hours, but, I finished it feeling good, like I had achieved something.


And this needs to be the same in Wing Chun, do not start off by thinking something is massive or probably unachievable, or by the same token, thinking that something will be a doddle, whatever you are about to face, break it into small bite size pieces, in just the same way as we use the Modules in WingChun.Online


This way great things are achievable over time, and, you can appreciate the smaller rewards as you go.



So remember

Small bites, break things down, take one step at a time and achieve the small goals you set for yourself.


This way you get to enjoy the journey rather than feel disappointed that you have not yet reach your destination.


Thank you.

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