September Absence


Just a ‘short’ break


Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you all in good health..


This is just a short blog to inform you that I will be away through September, therefore my blogs have been prepared in advanced, and with scheduled releases, so for those of you who are kind enough to read and watch these posts, please keep a look out for them at WingChun.Online


During this period, the plan was to still have live classes, but not quite as live as you were used to.


Rather than the usual format of us training together, these classes were by way of top tips for your training and progress, with recommendations to pause the video link, practice and return, throughout each session.


My reason for informing you of this, is that I had intended to have our tech guy release these at the usual class times (Mondays and Thursdays – 7.00pm GMT) for those who wished to train ‘as live’.


Unfortunately I had not anticipated his being away too!


For this reason I must apologise as I try to organise a Plan B, were I am trying to get some of our other Instructors to sit in for me in running the Thursday session, again though, this will not be available for catch-up during this time, so if you can, please join in with the class at this live-feed time.


My travels will take me to Seattle, over to Canada and then through Alaska, and as you can imagine, Wi-Fi signal in some of these areas is not usually so available, so for this reason, please understand if, and why, I do not reply to all your messages while I am away.


I apologise once again for this huge oversight and I ask your forgiveness in the matter.


I will try to check in periodically, but I ask that you keep up to your training, keep working through the videos, keep using the forum, keep watching for the new blogs, and keep using the live classes, and I will be with you again very soon to see how you have all improved.


Thank you all for your continued commitment to training, you should all be as proud of yourselves as I am of you.


Respectfully yours,


Sifu Ward

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