The Secret To Creating Explosive Power


Basically the secret to developing power is not in how fast you can switch it on but in how fast you can switch it off.


In general, try to think, you cannot switch energy on if it’s already on (just like a light switch), also the more energy you use when it is not needed means that there’s less available in the reserve tanks for when you do need it.

In short, as soon as you use it, lose it.


So how do we develop explosive energy?

Any one can be relaxed.

Any one can be tense.

Any one can be relaxed and then tense.

But not everybody can be tense and then immediately relaxed, and this is the secret, this is what we need to train.


If someone threw a rock through your window, without a thought you would jump up in an instant, so switching on is not the issue.

If you come home from a hard days work you need time to wind down and relax because we are not so familiar with this side of the coin.


When we punch;

If it is only relaxed, no good (soft).

If it is only, tense, no good (over committed).

If it is relaxed and then tense, but remains tense, no good (because you share the impact).

The best way is to be relaxed (for speed), tense (energy) on impact, and then immediately relaxed again so nothing comes back through the punching arm to you.


Train to be relaxed, so you gain a familiarity, then you will have an on/off switch, then you will have power.


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