On Tuesday I wrote a blog regarding my youngest daughters birthday and the time flying by, well, today my second daughter, Isabella, learned to ride her bike solo for the first time.


We’d tried this over the last couple of years with very little success, as the pressure seemed to get to her a little, the summer months passed and before we knew it the dark nights of winter were upon us.


This time however I didn’t let it go.


Mainly because I knew she wanted to nail this herself, even though doubt was once again beginning to show its face.


I started by getting her to look forward, hold on tight to the handlebars, and then push off with her feet with the intention of then simple lifting her feet out to the sides to see how far she could roll.


When this going nicely we needed to get more ‘rolling’ distance, this was achieved by giving one good push off with a single pedal and then both feet out again ready for the roll.


The next stage involved the same rules but this time without taking the pushing foot off of the pedal, with the final stage being to allow the ‘floating’ foot to also rest on the other pedal.


‘Hey Presto!’


She was finally riding the bicycle by herself, and not once did I have to touch the bike to assist.


Obviously the point to this story is that so many times we can find some a little difficult and be tempted to just pack it in, but do not.


Stick with it, persevere and you will get there.


Oh and by the way, last month she also learned how to swim.


Double Whammy!


We’ve all heard the analogy of the child learning to walk, how they fall down time and time again, but not once does that make them think of giving up.


Things are not always easy to get first time around, that’s why we get such a sense of achievement when completing these tasks, and besides, if it was that easy would it really be worth doing in the first place?


So when you are struggling with your turning stance, the understanding of punches and trying to remember the sequence to Siu Lim Tau, take your time.

Do this one small step at a time.


Persevere, and eventually all the pieces will come together and you will get there.


Make this your goal and how you should discover your Wing Chun .


Well done Isabella!


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