Pak Sau Improvements (Part 1 ‘Stop making mistakes’)


Pak Sau’s,

Easy right???


It is the easiest thing to learn a technique as a beginner and then never again revisit it as we advance, usually this is most common with Dan Chi and Lap Sau exercises.


Practice makes perfect right?


Practice makes permanent, it is only Perfect practice which makes perfect


The simple fact is this:


‘If you want to improve, stop making mistakes’


As we progress in Wing Chun, our abilities increase and our need for excess moves/techniques, reduce, making the idea of Less is more‘, so much more prevalent, but no matter what your level of experience, it is always a good idea to check these elements from time to time and take nothing for granted.


In the class clip you are about to see, I had been watching my students training their Paks, when I noticed a couple of points which needed correction, although at this stage they did not know what these issues where, they were happy for me to intervene.


Incidentally, I did ask their permission before filming and all were willing to share these findings, this is a perfect example of the perfect students, not only searching for critic and wanting to know of any flaws, but also their willingness to share these findings with the wider Wing Chun community.

I am so proud of each and every one of them, thank you gang.


Do go to for Part 2 of this video blog, which will be released on Saturday 7th May

Part 2 will be focussing on a different angle of attack.


Thanks for watching


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