In Chi Sau the four main areas trained are as follow:





From top to bottom these are in order of importance.


Technique –

This is the least important and refers to anything you can see and touch, so not only Pak’s and Lap’s etc. but also your Tan Sau, Bong Sau etc.


Reaction –

The more you train, the better you get.


Energy –

The skill with energy is not in how much you have but how well you use what you have.

Don’t try to overpower, try to be wise.


Position –

This is the hardest of all to achieve as it refers to BODY position, and can only be developed through time, not calendar time, but Chi Sau time.


This is how we measure a person’s skill in Chi Sau.


Here is an example of reaction training:




Watch, then come straight back.  🙂 🙂 🙂

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