Once More Around The Sun!


Nice Tan eh?



Just a quick blog today as it’s my birthday, and I’m hoping to spend a lovely day with my family (Oh and watch Leeds Unites win away at 12.30 :-)).


The message I wanted to share today if I may, was the fact that over recent years I have tried learning new skills, nothing to do with Wing Chun or Martial Arts at all in fact, but the thing I have noticed is that the older you get, the harder it seems to be?


Between the years of zero to six, we will take on more information than we will through the rest of our lives, as we get older, our reactions may slow, our thinking may slow and even our heart rate may slow.


So should we stop bothering then?



Just stick with it, because age does not mean that you cannot do something (although deciding to do a bungee jump after a double hip replacement operation is probably best avoided), it just means that it may take a little longer, but it will feel even more rewarding too.


I always love the quote from my Sifu, Master Ip Chun:


“You do not stop Wing Chun because you got old,

You got old because you stopped Wing Chun.”


So keep your head down, keep on trucking, and here’s to our next revolution around the sun.



Photos by

Rampal Singh

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