No such thing as a silly question


So often I have had to prise a question from a student (knowing they want to ask one) only to afterward hear them say that they were afraid to ask because they thought it may have been silly.


Was Bruce Lee really that good?

Will this really work in a fight?

What is the point of drilling forms?

and so on…


The bottom line is this, if you truly want to know then it is not a silly question, just ask, and if your teacher will not tell you the answer or says you are not ready yet, then get yourself a new teacher.


Perhaps it may be because the teacher does not know the answer themselves?

So what!  If your teacher tells you, ‘This is a good point, I’ve never thought of this before, I’ll look into it and get back to you’ then do not be disheartened by what you think is a lack of knowledge, but be elated at the fact they are honest and still wanting to learn themselves.

This is the sign of a good teacher.



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