My Biro Theory (Part 2)


Creating an invisible bridge


In Part 1 of this blog I offered a solo training exercise which would assist you in better understanding the feeling of redirecting pressure (or force), down through your stance, the video below is a clip from a class where I looked at how to create (or find) the link between maintaining power in your arm by redirecting the force through your stance, this time being with a partner.


In the first blog I mentioned that this would be considered as, ‘Level 4’


This method is a great way of tiring your partner out, and, having you not fall for the same trick.


A phrase I often used while teaching this technique in class, was asking students to:


“Take the strain”


Before lifting their front foot (a little like you would in a tug-o-war), in essence, finding the correct weight before lifting the foot and creating a balanced and almost bridge like crossing.


I do hope this makes sense?


Thank you.


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