Were You Met With ‘Time To Upgrade’ Or ‘ERROR’?


Hi Everyone,
For anyone who has recently experienced a ‘Time to upgrade’ message, or been met with ‘ERROR’ whilst trying to enter their accounts, I would like to share this reply I recently sent out.
We’re very sorry for any delay you may have had in your training and although this following message is a copy & paste, we would like you to try it also.
First of all are you still having a problem?
I ask this because I contacted member mouse in the US and they replied by showing my how to login as you, and when I did there was no problem?
Here’s what I did;
Go to MY ACCOUNT (top right) –
Then click on VIEW MODULE, anyone you like.
If you’re modules are saying that you are Un-Enrolled, do not worry, this is just because when we changed over to the new system, previous history and markers were lost
We did inform everyone at that time via email that markers would be lost when we changed to the new format so do try to remember where you left off.
There was also a follow up reminder in this blog: https://wingchun.online/new-site-working-well/ 
Then just click on TAKE THIS COURSE and the video will be shown to you
Another reason why you may be being told to upgrade or seeing an ERROR is that you may need to clear your Cache as your computer may be trying to follow back automatically to the old address or site setup, therefore, clearing the Cache first may be a wise step.
Please let me know if all this is successful?
Many thanks,
Sifu Ward

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