Let’s Be Nice


You know who you are…  🙂


Personally, I was very late in joining social media and was always very cynical of those who seem to never eat a meal without first photographing it and letting everyone know where you are and what’s for dinner (that was then, not now!), but after starting Wing Chun.Online eight years ago, I had little choice but to jump on the Facebook wagon as it were, which has resulted in me fully understanding the wish for people to share their experiences with friends (i.e. food choices), so no meanness intended!


It does seem though that whenever anyone posts about Wing Chun, there are SO many individuals, waiting in the shadows, ready to make harsh comments rather than give encouragement.  This must be devastating for some beginners.

Why can’t we all try to look for the positives in life and be happy for what we have and where we are, there will always be someone else worse off than you.

Oh and if that is not the case, then I am sure we will ALL pray for you. XXX


Today more than ever do I feel this way.


Happy times with my brother Paul


Today, the 25th of May is the 10th anniversary of my brothers death, taken from us due to a brain haemorrhage, and at the very age I am right now, and, not long after his passing I then lost my Father and also my Mother, so usually around this time of year I do tend to feel a little odd to say the least.


The reason I am writing this today is NOT for sympathy but instead to ask you to remember your loved ones and your abilities, precious things that we have with us today, and to ask that you not to take these for granted, but embrace what you have and make the most of it.


In the past I have referred to such examples as having a broken leg or a broken arm and the fact that it is not until you suffer from a broken leg that you then want to play football, go for run or even just take a long walk, and this is the same for a broken arm or wrist, it is not until this moment that you want to throw a ball or skim a stone.


So if you happen to be so lucky as to NOT have a broken leg or a broken arm, do not wait until then to throw that ball or go for that walk, do it now.


If you want to do something, stop putting it off, do it today.



People say:

‘You only live once’

Not true, you only die once, you LIVE every day, so don’t waste it.


Let’s try to be good to others and good to ourselves too.


Being an Irish family it seems tradition that we toast our departed, therefore, perhaps tonight you may wish to join me in raising a glass…


‘To absent friends’


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