Knife Form, Chi Sau Applications from Class (Sec 1)


Section one


As you learn the Knife Form, section by section, it is important that we do not stagnate or begin to question what we are doing (with training in general I mean), therefore it is equally important that we understand what kind of things we may be doing when going through the moves, this way helping to give clarity to positions as well as energies being used.


It is my belief that applications must be open to interpretation, and these can be as varied as you like, but the pattern itself must not be altered, otherwise this would be as though tearing pages willy nilly from a book, a book which holds the answers to questions you may not have yet asked.


Remember that what I am showing you here is simply one application, other applications you may see or know of, are neither right or wrong, simply different.


Although the entire Knife Form and its applications can be found and learned in full at this is a clip taken from my Leeds class showing a Chi Sau use of the techniques used in section one.


I hope you enjoy it and do look out for the next blog on section two (these blogs too can be found at


Thank you



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