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This post is simply me wanting to share an act of kindness, kindness which was shared from one of our students to another, through our forum, I was moved by the wording of his answer and wished that others be made aware of this train of thought.

I have chosen not to use their names for this post.

(And by the way, I did ask the students permission before sharing his forum reply)



The Question:

The initial question was regarding finding a partner to assist in his online training with us.



The Reply:


Thanks again for sending me your contact info.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.  I will definitely look to keep in touch.

I wanted to send you a brief follow-up here as well and invite you to join us online for our virtual training.

If you’re a serious member, we have class on Thursday afternoon (2:00 Pennsylvania time).

We can get you the link! Also, if you’re a very serious member, Monday is an option as well.  Same time. 😀

If you cannot make it at that time, please remember that the catch up link is often posted shortly after class ends.


I wanted to share this with you along with my story cause I thought it may relate knowing that you are very excited to learn but are concerned about not having a partner… yet!


The key word here is yet! 😀


When I began 4 years ago, I was a bit discouraged as well.

I too didn’t know how to find partners.

The closest wing chun school was almost two hours drive.

So I started learning what I could from Sifu, in class online and from the library.


Here’s what I discovered:

After training solo for 2 years, I finally started meeting up with others.  The results were amazing!

The people I had met were amazed that I had learned so much virtually and in such a short amount of time.

I use the word “virtual” here instead of online because we’re not really learning from videos, we’re learning from a person.


The videos are there for content.

But for explanation, Sifu is there to help guide us, correct us and help us to understand and apply what we are learning in the library.


Usually, whew we show up to a class the instructor gives the lesson and thenwe need to try to listen to it, learn it, understand it, apply it and then even integrate it and take ownership of it.

This typically all is expected to happen in about an hour.

Which you can imagine is really hard to do!


But with the WingChun.Online method, we can review the lessons over and over.

Before we even get to the partner training, we can listen, learn, understand.  We can even work through the mechanics.

We can do all this solo, so that when we do have a partner, all that’s left is the “feeling” which leads to the ownership (how we can make it work for us).


I share this because I think it a common thought that 80% of learning wing chun takes place in class or with a partner.

But I would share with you that 80% of my Wing Chun came before I ever even stepped into a school.


And now I have the privilege of sharing with others all that I have learned from Sifu.

I have many partners now and my partners even have partners!

I’m working through the library for my second time (and in some cases third, fourth, fifth and even sixth).

The things I gain from my personal training are so important because I know I will not have endless hours available when I do have partners.

We need to make that time really count.


Also, in my opinion, the best partner you can find, for solo training anyway, is our good friend the wooden dummy.

Of course, it is not a replacement, and we all agree that partner training is essential to learning the art, but the wooden dummy is a fantastic training buddy that will help fill in the gaps before we get to the real thing.


Anyway, sorry… I didn’t meant to go on and on. 😀  I just wanted to encourage you.

If learning Wing Chun is really important to you, this is a great place.

Even when people have a school, I always invite them here in addition.

The tools here are a tremendous compliment to any in person class time you will eventually get!

And of course, when Sifu does come to visit us here in the USA, he will be excited to meet and instruct us all in person! 😀


Keep in touch friend! I am excited to hear where you Wing Chun journey leads you!



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